Vote by Mail. Why?

Vote By Mail Art

The Miami-Dade Democratic Party recommends that all of its members register to Vote by Mail. Vote-by-Mail has been shown to significantly increase voter turnout, and high voter participation is essential to Democratic victories.  Please click here or on the image above and follow the prompts to request to have your ballot mailed to your home (or to wherever  you are staying if you will be voting absentee).  Please encourage your friends and neighbors to do this as well.

Additional Details:

•The deadline to request that a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed is no later than 5 p.m. on the 6th day before the election. However, the ballot must still be received by the Supervisor of Elections no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day if the voted ballot is to count. Exceptions exist for overseas military and civilian voters.

•Under the current system, Vote-by-Mail requests expire periodically (about every two years), so even if you have been receiving ballots in the mail, it is worth visiting the site to make sure that your request is up to date.

•If you receive a ballot in the mail, you may still vote in person either at an early voting site or on election day.  You may be asked to assure the poll worker that you have destroyed/plan to destroy your mail-in-ballot, but in any case, the system is designed to prevent accidental double-votes.

•It is also permissible to fill in your ballot at home and deliver by hand to the Supervisor of Elections Office in Doral.

•Mail-in ballots do not need stamps.

More Reasons:

•Voting by mail means that your vote is immune to family emergencies, last-minute business trips, bad weather, parking problems, and, best of all, traffic.

•Voting by mail means that you have the opportunity to research candidates and ballot initiatives on your own time.

•Voting by mail means that you don’t need to wait in line at the polls

•In mid-term and other less-publicized off -season elections, the arrival of the  VBM ballot provides a useful reminder of an upcoming election in your district.

•VBM Ballots are the first counted on election night, so the more we have, the earlier we can go to bed or start celebrating!

•Indeed, a quick look at the 2018 results from our US House district 27 primaries makes clear that 1) VBM ballots sway elections; and 2) they are currently more popular with democrats than republicans; suggesting that 3) increasing  VBM is a crucial ingredient in electing democrats.

District 27 primaries

District 27 R


But, a caveat:

A recent study by the ACLU reported by The Miami Herald uncovered that VBM ballots are significantly more likely to be rejected than those cast in person.

The main reasons the ballots were rejected were that 1) the signature on the ballot envelope did not match the signature on file; and/or 2) the voter neglected to sign the ballot envelope.

The structural/procedural problems behind the unreasonably high rate of ballot rejection, particularly in our county, are real and need to be addressed. They include underwhelming voter education and overzealous enforcement–two key ingredients in vote suppression. But please don’t add to the problem by spreading the false claim that VBM “doesn’t count” or isn’t worth as much as an in-person vote. If you wish to protect the integrity of VBM, you are encouraged to help the members of your circle use it and to contact the county supervisor of elections, Christina White, to express your disapproval of both tactics.

As an individual voter, you can protect your VBM with the following steps:  1) making sure that you sign the ballot with your full legal name, exactly as it appears on your voter registration form; 2) double-checking to make sure that you have signed the ballot envelope; 3) updating your signature via the state voter registration site to make sure your signature on file matches your signature as you currently write it;  and 4) returning your ballot as soon as possible so that you can be notified of any irregularities well before election day.

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