Georgia on Our Minds

LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter and one of many Black women organizers in Georgia

As many feared, the President is lashing out at the nation that rejected him. We are getting a glimpse of the vindictiveness that would have assuredly defined his second term. His legal challenges are wildly reported to have no merit, however, and President-Elect Biden is planning his transition with or without the support of the current administration. While we move forward, the current President is scrambling in place.

It’s hard not to speculate about the President’s machinations, but it’s easy to determine that his and McConnell’s moves make many of us feel powerless and rob us of the joy we felt over the weekend. Thankfully, there is something you can do. You can help organizers in Georgia fight the fight they have prepared years to win. The voting rights and Get Out the Vote infrastructure is already in place. Let’s unseat McConnell as Senate Majority Leader and help Georgia elect two talented new Senators. We can’t help Biden’s capable legal team or Pennsylvania’s AG in court (and don’t worry, they have got this), but we can help Georgia.

Donate. Volunteer. Protect democracy and your sanity at the same time.

Below are the links of organizations where you can donate money or volunteer to help with the effort to protect GA voting rights and to elect two Democratic Senators:

Note: We will continue to update this list as we learn about new organizations and efforts in Georgia. Last updated on 11/10/20.


Black Voters Matter:

Fair Fight:

Georgia NAACP:

Fair Count:

Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO):

Women on the Rise:

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta:

The New Georgia Project:

159 Georgia Together:


Warnock for Georgia:

Elect Jon Ossoff:

Get Mitch (donate to both campaigns with one donation):


Vote Forward:

Georgia Democratic Party/Mobilize:

Georgia Postcard Project:

Vote Save America/Mobilize:

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