Skeletal Voter Guide for November 3

[Details and footnotes to follow by Oct. 1. In the meantime, make sure that you are registered to vote by mail at your current address.]

President/VP:  Biden/Harris

US Rep District 26: Mucarsel-Powell

US Rep District 27: Shalala

State Sen. District 37: Rodríguez

State Sen. District 39: Fernández

State Rep. District 112: Duran

State Rep. District 114: Bado

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Ruvin

FL Supreme Court:

Retention of Justice Muñiz: NO

3rd District Court of Appeals:

Retention of Judge Gordo: YES

Retention of Judge Hendon: YES

Retention of Judge Lobree: YES

Retention of Judge Logue: YES

Retention of Judge Miller: YES

County Commission

District 5: Higgins

District 7: Lerner

District 9: McGhee

Mayor: Levine Cava

School Board

District 3: Baez-Geller

District 5: Zapata

District 9: Santos

FL State Constitutional Amendments

  1. Citizenship:  NO
  2. $15 Minimum Wage: YES
  3. Jungle Primary: NO
  4. Vote 2X on Constitutional Amendments: NO
  5. Limitations on Homestead Tax Assessments: NO
  6. Surviving Military Spouse Property Tax Assessments: NO

County Referenda

  1. Establish a County Inspector General: YES
  2. Resign to Run/ Regular not Special Elections: YES
  3. Non-Partisan elections for Assorted County Offices: NO

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