How to Pitch In

The general election is less than two months away and Vote by Mail ballots will begin arriving October 1. If you have ever considered doing a little bit of campaign work, now would be an excellent time to lend a hand by making phone calls, sending texts, distributing campaign literature and donating money.  It’s easy, it’s gratifying, and it’s a great complement to your regular routine of sitting home, working remotely, and contemplating the abyss.

Here are some places to start:

Coordinated campaigns and local progressive nonprofits focused on voting rights and Democratic turnout:

Miami-Dade Democrats

Blue Wave Coalition

Coral Gables Democrats

New Florida Majority/Florida for All

Florida Immigrant Coalition

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Individual Campaigns (*indicates high priority progressive campaigns in close races):

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (President/VP)—Recent polls have sounded the alarm that Biden is underperforming among Latinx voters in FL, which appears to be prompting some additional effort from the campaign. Good ways to pitch in here would be to volunteer to make phone calls in Spanish or, on the chance that FL is already a lost cause, to donate to the campaign to fund their efforts in must-win states like PA and WI.

*Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (US House-26)—DMP is a strong progressive first-term congressperson in a precarious electoral position.  She unseated Republican Carlos Curbelo win this seat, and is being challenged now by Carlos Giménez, the outgoing Miami-Dade mayor who is arguably better known in the district than DMP herself.  This campaign is well worth your money and time.

Donna Shalala (US House-27)—Shalala is also a first-termer, but less progressive and in less electoral danger than DMP. However, hers is a well-funded and well-organized campaign that seems willing to share the wealth with less secure candidates, so this campaign is worth a contribution at least.

José Javier Rodríguez (FL Senate 37)—Excellent, smart progressive who should be your favorite FL state senator if you need one.  JJR does not appear to be in particular electoral danger from Ileana García, founder of Latinas for Trump and supported by a PAC called “No More Socialism.”  But if you have some $ to spare, send it his way.

*Javier Fernández (FL Senate 39)—Progressive state rep trying to move up to the FL senate is in a close race in a Republican-held South Dade district against fellow state rep Ana María Rodriguez. Worth your time and money to make the FL Senate slightly less awful.

*Jean-Pierre Bado (FL House 114)—First-time candidate running to fill the seat being vacated by Javier Fernández. While JPB should be able to defeat Republican Demi Busatta Cabrera, and hold on to this seat for the Democrats, this will be a hotly contested race.  Your contributions of time and money will go especially far here. Consider this one a high priority.

*Daniella Levine Cava (Miami-Dade Mayor)—DLC is probably the best politician on the ballot this year—best in terms of progressive positions, best in terms of political skill, best in terms of broad community support.  She has a good chance of winning against the very Trumpian Steve Bovo, but you don’t want to be kicking yourself on November 4 if she manages to lose.  This is a good and happy place to put your time and money.

*Cindy Lerner (County Commission District 7)—Progressive transit zealot and reputed crankypants former Mayor of Pinecrest.  She is in a close race against radio host, political legacy and perennial candidate Raquel Regalado.  With a little work on your part she will win and be an excellent commissioner. Another good place to put your time and money, especially if you live in the district.

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