Martha & John’s Voter Guide

We will continue to do our best to provide you with the resources you need to be an informed voter. But for now here’s a little about our exciting slate of 2018 Democratic candidates:

Andrew Gillum, Candidate for Governor.

Bio: Born in Miami, Gillum, 39, is currently the Mayor of Tallahassee. If he wins, he will be the first African-American governor of Florida.

Signature Issues: Education Funding, “Stand Your Ground” Repeal, Economic Equity


Sean Shaw, Candidate for Attorney General.

Bio: Born in Jacksonville, Shaw, 40, is District 61 (Tampa-area) State House Representative and a former state Insurance Consumer Advocate. His father was the first African-American Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court. If elected,  Shaw would be the first African-American Attorney General of Florida.

Signature Issues: Medicaid Fraud, Assault Weapons Ban, Investigating Trump


Nikki Fried, Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture.

Bio: Born in Miami, Fried, 40, is an attorney and lobbyist for the medical marijuana industry. Fried would be first woman elected as Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.

Signature Issues: Medical Marijuana, Algae Bloom Crisis


Jeremy Ring, Candidate for Chief Financial Officer.

Bio: Born in New Haven, CT, Ring, 48, was a founder of Yahoo and represented District 29 (Boca Raton-area) in the Florida State Senate, 2006-2016.

Signature Issues: State Retirement System, Insurance Rates, Start-Up Economy


Donna Shalala, Candidate for US Congress, District 27.

Bio: Born in Cleveland, Shalala, 77, has had a long career in public and academic administration, including as Secretary of Health and Human Services (1993-2001) and President of the University of Miami (2001-2015).

Signature Issues: Health Care, Assault Weapons Ban, Immigration Reform


Javier Fernandez, Candidate for Florida House, District 114.

Bio: Born in Miami, Fernandez, 43, is a practicing attorney and former chief of staff to the Mayor of the City of Miami.  He was elected to this position in a special election in May of 2018, must be re-elected now in order to serve.

Signature Issues: Gun Control, Affordable Housing, Education

Renee Gordon, Candidate for 11th Circuit Court.

Bio: Born in Miami, Gordon works as a Miami-Dade County Assistant Public Defender and previously managed the Miami Halfway House, a part of the state Juvenile Justice Program. This is a runoff election. Gordon was in a three-way contest in the August Primary and won a plurality of the votes but failed to win the required 50 percent majority to avoid a runoff.

Signature Issue: Juvenile Justice